Executive Leadership

Lisa Anderson, CPA

Lisa Anderson has worked for several years in the specialized areas of government cost accounting and system administration. She has worked with small and medium sized firms providing financial outsourcing solutions using the latest accounting software. Having worked as Controller and Chief Financial Officer for small to medium sized firms, Ms. Anderson has been successful in providing companies with the financial guidance necessary to ensure financial growth.

Through the leadership of Lisa Anderson, DeAnder Associates, L.L.C. provides financial services that include basic accounting support, system and financial analysis, and compliance reviews. Clients are serviced through a consultative approach assessing how best to meet the needs of a company. The effective design and strategy of DeAnder Associates, L.L.C. helps companies make informed financial decisions and assists them with financial growth plans.

Ms. Anderson’s specific experiences include acting as the virtual CFO for organizations, developing indirect rate structures, financial analysis, cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, performance reviews, preparation of incurred cost submissions, and performing other financial services.

As a business owner, Ms. Anderson understands the challenges faced by small to medium sized companies. In running DeAnder Associates, L.L.C, her responsibilities include marketing, sales, financial management, accounting, policy development, and guidance for implementation of new procedures required for maximum operational quality control and efficiency. She is also responsible for determining which market to target and implementing business development strategies for increasing market share in those markets. It is through these experiences that Ms. Anderson is able to provide expert guidance to her clients.


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